How to live well in a foreign country ?

13 June 2021

Moving to a foreign country is a direct reflection of the apprehension of a completely new culture. You will have to make concessions in order to find your bearings. You should therefore manage to keep your original identity while adapting to this foreign environment. These aspects are the challenges of expatriation, which is why many people wonder if there is a way to live well abroad. Here we give you some tips on how to do this.


If you understand the language of your host country, you are halfway to solving the difficulties you will encounter once you are there. However, if you do not understand the language, it is essential that you enrol in a language course before you leave. Not understanding anything that is said around you will make you feel terribly isolated and out of place.

It is true that mastering a foreign language requires several years of practice, but knowing a few basic phrases will make a big difference. You need to know what to say in the supermarket, grocery shop or bakery.


You will have a hard time getting by if you leave out entertainment. Your host country may not be anything like your home country, but staying on your phone or computer is not the way to adapt and integrate. Find new hobbies – how about chess, charades, fencing or kickboxing? Whatever you choose, the most important thing here is to increase your self-confidence so that you can easily achieve your goal.

Adapting to the local way of life

In order to enjoy your new adventure far from your comfort zone, you should immerse yourself in the new culture. Indeed, this immersion requires the abandonment of possible prejudices in order to better experience the local culture. To achieve this, simply be curious, seek to understand what is necessary by asking the locals. Take part in the various cultural events, taste the different local dishes, learn the codes of politeness… In short, let yourself be surprised. It is not a question here of denaturing yourself but of simply adhering to local habits.





Megan Payne

Megan Payne

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